Risiko (Board Game)

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Hasbro Gaming Risiko (Board Game)
Hasbro Gaming - Risiko (Board Game)
Hasbro Gaming - Risiko (Board Game)
Hasbro Gaming - Risiko (Board Game)

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Dostawa: pomiędzy 2020-06-19 a 2020-06-29
Sprzedaż i wysyłka: myWorld
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Who conquers the world? When 2-5 players from the age of 10 and up engage in a strategic battle on the game board, RISK is the order of the day. This edition of the undisputed board game classic transports players to a time of powerful commanders, daring campaigns and shattering surrender. With a lavishly designed game board in a nostalgic look, detailed game figures, secret mission maps and cardboard boxes as practical material storage, this edition of the famous strategy game is a must-have for retro and risk fans. At risk, players place their armies on the game board in a tactically clever way to occupy these areas strategically. But while they try to conquer further lands, the opposing armies are already in position. With infantry, cavalry and artillery they march in and attack. A risky battle begins and since the battles are fought with dice, nobody knows what unpredictable events will occur and who will lead his army to victory in the end. In this magnificent edition, the risky battles come to life in every detail. The game board appears in the look of an ancient world map and the game pieces (soldiers, horsemen and cannons) in a detailed design. With a total of 56 cards - including 42 area cards, 2 joker cards and 12 mission cards - the battle for world domination can begin. Whether the players form alliances with each other in order to fight against a single commander, or they have to escape an ambush attack - everything is possible with risk. This risk edition includes 4 game variations, so that every risk player will find his favourite.

4 game variations:
1) The game variant 'Mission Risk' comes with 12 mission cards. A player who has been appointed as a general deals a mission card to each player. This mission card describes the mission that the player has to accomplish. Whether it is to destroy the blue army or to carry out another daring mission, mission risk is about following the orders given by the cards. Since no one knows which missions the opponents have to accomplish, this game variant is particularly risky, because one player can unintentionally help another to victory.
2) In the game variant 'Classic Risk', the objective is to occupy all areas on the game board and be the sole ruler of the world.
3) In 'Risky Duel' 2 players fight a thrilling showdown for world domination.
4) Under time pressure? Then play this variant. Turbo Risk' is about conquering all enemy headquarters without losing your own. This way a faster component comes into play and there is always time for a fast round of risk. But beware: Whichever variant you choose, you play at your own risk. This risk edition contains: 1 game board, 5 different coloured armies of 300 pieces, 56 cards, 5 dice (in the purple box), 5 cardboard material boxes

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GTIN 5010993312283

Data premiery rynkowej 02.07.2016

Wielkość 400 x 267 x 50  mm

Ciężar produktu 1195 g

Materiał Karton

Numer katalogowy B7404100

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